1.Possess nursing license. 
2.Communicative and responsible 
3.Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing 
4.Part-time or Full-time 
Job Responsibilities: 
Manages and coordinates the school's health service program; follows procedures, protocols, and other instructions provided by school or contained in the division manuals and protocols. 
Implements and records required screening programs; notifies parents when further medical evaluation is indicated. 
Establishes and updates health and immunization records. 
Assesses individual student health needs and provides intervention as required. 
Maintains daily clinic records and prepares required reports. 
Administers nursing care procedures prescribed by the student’s physician. 
Assesses students and implements first aid measures for students as required. 
Trains in emergency procedures for students and staff as required. 
Presents, trains, and maintains appropriate standards from SCIS regarding contact with, and possible exposure to blood borne pathogens and other potentially infectious body materials within the school or employment setting. 
Acts as a liaison between the school and hospital. 
Coordinates presentations by professionals on pertinent health care topics for the school staff. 
Maintains nurse office equipment and assesses the need for consumable supplies on an annual basis.