February 4 is the “World Cancer Day” every year. We have read, heard and shouted many brave words and expectation of “Humans surmount cancer”. However, the reality crashes our “Anti-cancer Dream”. We have no choice but to sit and think calmly to check our faults and success while seeing many people die of cancer. We should objectively understand and treat cancer. We wish the day for the cancer to be surmounted will come soon.

Treatment of cancer

The tumor is a kind of common disease and frequently-occurring disease. Surgical operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are considered to be the three arms to treat cancer.
Undoubtedly, surgery is the main method to treat tumor, but it can only cut off the local lesion. At present, it is still lack of effective methods to prevent the recurrence and metastasis of cancer after the operation.
Chemotherapy is one of the important methods of systemic therapy of cancer. But many patients can not endure the serious negative effects of chemotherapy. So chemotherapy has developed from the traditional model to the current targeted therapy.
People are attaching great importance to the immunization therapy of tumor, which has become the hot point of tumor treatment. Some people regard it as the fourth milestone of cancer treatment. The clinicians have more and more methods to apply immunization treatment with improved effect.