Rehabilitation Medicine is a combination of traditional Chinese Medicine and Western advanced medical technology services from walks of life at home and abroad. Effectively cure the patient’s disease and painful at the same time to restore and improve the patient’s various functions to achieve the target of improving the quality of life.
1. Treatment of Cervical Disease: Cervical vertebrae curvature disappears, neck stiffness, and shoulder pain, arm numbness, headache, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. WCI Rehabilitation is unique in TCM treatment of cervical spondylosis. The treatment plan for releasing neck muscles tension and reducing the internal pressure of the neck has achieved good results. Almost all patients experienced significant relief after several physical treatments.
2, Treatment of Lumbar Disease: Through the combination of manual treatment and physical therapy, we pay more attention to the balance of the lumbar spine to improve and eliminate soft tissue inflammation, which effectively relieve low back pain and lower limb numbness pain caused by lumbar disease.
3. Sports Injury: Since most sports injuries begin with soft tissue, referring to TCM treatment experiences of traumatic injuries for thousands of years, WCI Rehabilitation gives early treatment of sports injuries for soft tissue inflammation and injuries and thus obtains early recovery. At the same time, the uniqueness of this type of rehabilitation treatment lies in not only the recovery of sports injuries, but also the recovery and improvement of athletes' athletic ability.
4. Prenatal and Postnatal Rehabilitation Treatments: Firstly, for pregnant women, especially in the second trimester and third trimester, the treatment of lumbar and hip pain is caused by changes in body shape and weight. Because of the fetus, we are inable to use drugs and traumatic treatments, instead, we uses soft, non-pharmacological, physical treatments that have no adverse effects on the fetus to effectively relieve maternal pain. Secondly, for modern women's diseases such as neck, back pain, tenosynovitis, etc. after birth, WCI Rehabilitation also uses non-pharmaceutical physiotherapy methods to effectively solve the various problems of mothers.