WorldPath Clinic offers a variety of health screening packages that encompasses a clinical physical examination, blood work and complete laboratory diagnosis for an affordable price. The package consists of an innovative array of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient services designed for clients who wish to take a proactive approach to their long-term wellness, and get the most out of daily living.
The Wellness Solutions Program is a clinically based part of WCI's continuum of care philosophy, the program provides personalized health improvement plans that extend beyond clinic visits and medical treatments - services that help participants maintain their health and well-being.
Our staff can create a program for health maintenance, as well as for individuals who are at risk for or have a chronic condition. The clinically-based Wellness Solution Program can be an integral part of disease management for clients with conditions including heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, neuromuscular problems, diabetes, ongoing pain and other chronic conditions.
Our physicians and support staff are here to help you create a plan that optimizes your health and long-term wellness. For more information or to begin creating your own program, please contact the WCI Physical Examination Center and let us help you on your continued path of wellness.