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Fu Yishan(DR.Bodhi),male, associate chief physician,associate professor,medical doctor,postgraduate tutor.DR. Bodhi had been working in Department of Orthopaedic(Spine Surgery), Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital since 2000. InJuly 2014, he separated from thesystem formally to become a freelance surgeon, and nowchairs Chief of SpineSurgery of Dr. SmileMedical Group. He published15 articlesinthe internationalauthoritative journals(Spine) anddomestic core journals as well asparticipated in writing4 books.He was alsoa contributing editor and reviewerof numbers ofinternationaland domesticjournals. Hepresided over the completion of3 scientific researches of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureauand Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital and was awarded 2 national inventionpatents.Besides, he was a member ofTraining Project of YouthClinical Technical Backbones in Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital and had visited Europe and the United States for study quite a few times. What’s more significant, he hassuccessfully completed more than 2000cases of thecervical,thoracic and lumbar spine operations.
1990-1995 studied in the medical department of Wenzhou Medical College
1997-2000 earned master degree of clinicalspine surgery in Medical School, Zhejiang University
2000-2014 worked in theDepartment of Spine Surgery, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital
2002  had done the work ofpoverty alleviation in Yunnan province for half a year as one of the Shanghai Youth Volunteers
2003studied in Spine Surgery Center of  Hospital Affiliated Bordeaux University,France
2006-2009earned Doctor of Medicineof clinicalspine surgery in Medical School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
July,2014become a freelance surgeon
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatmentof spinal trauma anddiseases. He hasparticularaccomplishments in different kinds of spine surgery by small incision that reduces trauma to the utmost, leading to quick recovery.Withthedecompression treatment of lumbar discherniationand stable lumbarspinal stenosis,patients could discharge the next day he/sheaccepts operation. The majority of patients will be ordered to get out of bed and do activitiesafter surgerythe next day after surgery. That is trulysafe,effective, and minimally invasive.

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