Yue, Ying Psychologist

Yue, Ying Psychologist


Chief Physician







Member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Huangpu District Psychological Counselor Association, member of the 8th, 9th, and 10th Committees of the Psychiatric Specialty Branch of the Shanghai Medical Association, member of the 4th and 5th Medical Appraisal Expert Database of the Shanghai Medical Association, Member of the Neuroendocrine Professional Committee of the Integrative Chinese and Western Society.
Dr. Yue graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine with a bachelor's degree in 1993, and graduated with a master's degree in psychiatry and mental health from Fudan University School of Medicine in 2005. She obtained the second-level psychotherapist certificate and the intermediate psychotherapist certificate. She worked in Shanghai Mental Health Center from 1993 to early 2006 and was promoted to deputy chief physician. Since 2006, she has worked at the Second Mental Health Center in Huangpu District, Shanghai, during which she was promoted to chief physician and served as the head of the department. She has published many papers, including 17 papers as the first author and 1 paper in SCI; more than 10 papers as the second author and above, including 1 paper in SCI.
Professional expertise: working in psychiatry for nearly 30 years, engaged in psychological counseling and psychotherapy for 16 years, good at depression and anxiety, adolescent psychological problems, senile mental disorders, severe mental illnesses, etc.

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