WorldPath Clinic International, has arrangements with a number of Insurance Companies which allow direct settlement of patient's bills. For more information please email Ms Irene Sheng on
Direct-Billing to a Network Insurer:
If you are the member among one of the health insurance companies above, we may be able to submit your claim directly for part or all of your visit. However, there are times when your coverage cannot be verified for any possible reasons, we may require payment up-front. Some policies will not provide coverage for dental service, maternity, or pre-existing conditions (the medical condition that you had prior to purchasing your present insurance). We strongly recommend that you read your policy document/ benefits very carefully and speak with your insurance agent if you have any questions.
If you are the member of any other insurance company which is not under our DB service list (Vanbreda/DKV/HTH etc), we will still try to contact with the insurance company and make our best effort to get GOP for your visit. If it is not under emergent situation, please try to inform our clinic in advance, so we can have enough time to contact with the insurance company.
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